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Whole Beef Tenderloin

Est. 6 – 8 lb Each

Whole tenderloin processed to customers specifications and trimmings are made into burgers.

$32.00 /lbAdd to cart

We have Steak Gift Boxes

Purchase one of these Hand Cut gift boxes for someone who loves to grill!

*Each order comes with a bottle of Quebec Steak Seasoning   **Add a lobster tail to any order $35/ea.  ***Add 1 lb  of Thick Cut Bacon to any box for $8.99 ****Add 4 – 1/2lb Steak Burgers for $20


Dream Box

Includes: 2x Cowboy Ribeye (28 oz./ea.) / 2x Strips (18 oz./ea.)
/ 2x Ribeye (18 oz./ea.) / 2x Filet Mignons (9-10 oz./ea.)

$364.00 Add to cart

Triple Play

Includes: 2x Ribeye (18oz./ea.) / 2x Strips (18 oz./ea.)
/ 2x Filet Mignons (9-10 oz./ea.)

$269.00 Add to cart

Delicious Duo

Includes: 2x Ribeye (18 oz./ea.) /
2x Strips (18 oz./ea.)

$215.00 Add to cart

Succulent Six

Includes: 6x Center Cut Filet Mignons
(10 oz./ea.)

$209.00 Add to cart

Broker Box

Includes: 2x Filet Mignons (10 oz./ea.) / 4x 1/2lb prime burgers & a bottle of Quebec

$109.00 Add to cart

All of our Menu options

See the wide variety of high quality meats and cuts to choose from. Our unique cut to order process ensures we are cutting fresh for each order and will be able to process order upon completion.

*Prices and availability subject to change



Est. 16 – 20 oz Each

Treat yourself to one of the finest cuts our domestically sourced USDA PRIME cattle have to offer. Exquisite marbling and buttery texture sends this classic carnivore delight over the top and ready for any fine dining challenge.

$38.00 /lbAdd to cart

Cowboy Ribeye

Est. 20 – 24 oz Each

A larger more robust version of the boneless Ribeye the Cowboy is a bone in treasure that will set the tone for any occasion. Typically cut 1 1/2″ this well marbled hunk of steak is a game changer for any steak aficionado.

$34.00 /lbRead more

NY Strip

Est. 16 – 20 oz Each

This Single muscle gem is a flavorful well marbled cut great for any cooking technique. Drop it on a plate or served up platter sliced, The Strip will get the job done and is a for sure crowd pleaser.

$29.00 /lbAdd to cart

Filet Mignon

Est. 9 – 10 oz Each

The most tender cut available, the filet offers versatility for any at home cook to enjoy. Grilled, Broiled or pan seared, the filet with its light fat content can holds its own with good marbling and fork tender profile.

$52.00 /lbAdd to cart


Est. 20 – 24 oz Each

The King in most steakhouses the porterhouse delivers a two for one in this artistically cut masterpiece. The larger side being the strip and smaller side being the filet, the porterhouse reigns supreme.

$28.00 /lbRead more


Gourmet Pork Chop

Est. 16 oz Each

The Porterhouse of pork chops, cut to a perfect 1 1/2″ defines our locally sourced pork. Marbled and jam packed with flavor and tenderness, the gourmet pork chop is one of a kind for pork enthusiasts.

$7.99 /lbAdd to cart

St. Louis Pork Steak

Est. 20 oz Each

Not well known outside of the St. Louis area the pork steak is a mystery to most. A highly marbled steak cut from the shoulder, aka Boston butt, it is a flavorful piece that requires a little more time then a “normal” steak.

$4.99 /lbAdd to cart

Pork Tenderloin

Est. 16 – 20 oz Each

Adaptable for any recipe and ready for any cooking method, this tender piece of pork is a blank slate for any flavor profile. Great on its own but even better with cultural influence, the pork tenderloin loves to marry any flavor in any dish.

$6.99 /lbAdd to cart


Lamb Loin Chops

Est. 5 – 6 oz Each

These mini porterhouses and T- bones cut 1-1/2″ thick off exceptional flavor for such a small cut. While many parts of the world consume for lamb then the U.S. we pride ourselves in carrying only domestic options.

$27.00 /lbAdd to cart

Lollipop Chops

Est. 4 – 5 oz Each

For the lamb enthusiast looking to really put on a show or satisfy a craving, we offer up the tomahawks of lamb. The bone in Ribeye of lamb provides the marbling and tenderness fit for any grill, oven, or cast iron.

$42.00 /lbAdd to cart


Lobster Tails

Only harvested from the cold waters of the Northern Atlantic our 12 oz tails provide a very sweet flavor and palatable texture. Consistent size and quality make this surf and turf special a unique experience paired well with any of our beef.

$35.00 eachAdd to cart

Sea Scallops

Large in size this deep water mollusk offers a sweet flavor and very meaty texture. Our 10ct scallops serve as a luxurious appetizer or stand alone as the main entree. Enjoy alone or serve as a surf and turf option.

$38.00 /lbAdd to cart


A hearty fish that boasts a meaty texture and wonderful buttery flavor. We carry a Pacific Halibut that is sourced under strict U.S regulation to ensure they are responsibly harvested and can remain a sustainable source of delectable protein. Portions are sold as vacuum sealed 8 oz skinless fillet.

$25.00 eachRead more

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